Tuesday, November 30, 2010

oh ya, i went to brooke fraser!

and she was amazeballs! wowow. alyssa and i managed to manipulate our way pretty middle front. it was great - just looking up at brooke (who is soo tall and thin)! brooke was hilarious all night and she sounded great. although the concert got off to an awkward start, i think they had some tech problems but it was played off really well.

anyways, here are some of the videos i took from the night (even though they said no videos, whatever, it was more of a suggestion!)

go buy her new album, flags. it's really, really good and so diverse!

....get ready there are a bunch of videos!

brooke's first song of the evening, "orphans, kingdoms"

"betty"! i was so excited for this song because she talks about canada and toronto in it!

"cs lewis song", one of my all-time faves.

"sailboats" a song for her husband. i love how they did this song live, "do doo doo"

"albertine" - love the rockin' out at the bridge. makes the song sound so epic!

"something in the water" - darling song, darling girl!

check out more brooke fraser here.

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