Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy list, december edition.

saw this on this blog, love the idea of a happy list, or as naomi call's them "10 things that make me terribly happy", so i wanted to do one of my own.

here goes nothing.

1. christmas lights, sparkly things, decorations on cars, reindeer headbands, snowflake earrings, bows in hair. i love when people dress up themselves, their houses, their cars, their dogs, whatever.
2. perfect weather. especially for skiing.
3. minnie in the morning. she just stares at me and then twitches excitedly when i move coz she thinks i'm going to pet her.
4. relatively stress-free family get-togethers. and i love my cousins, coz they are so funny and wonderful.
5. people that say "merry christmas" when i hand them their drinks at sbux. sometimes i get in the zone and forget to say it, but when they do, it makes me really happy and i appreciate that.
6. amazing bouts of laughter with amazing friends like last night.
7. discussing and demonstrating disgusting ways to kiss/makeout for hours on end.
8. perfect timing, and snowing someone's face just as the picture is taken.
9. appreciating this great life i lead, by the grace of God. having some people home for the holidays, or at least having more time to spend with people that are just as or more busy than me.
10. that Jesus was born for us! it's such an easy thing not to think about this time of year, but that's what it's all about! it's gotta be about that, or it's just a stressful, annoying time when people go crazzzzay. ponder the purpose of Jesus. He is soooo good!

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