Monday, January 3, 2011


resolutions pretty much always fail, yes? you agree?
so i have become opposed to new year resolutions. but i can still have goals right?
2010 has been a really good year. not too special, not insignificant, just necessary and inevitable. some big decisions were made. they turned out to be really great decisions. (i guess i should give 2010 more credit - those decisions were pretty huge for me and for my family, being back here is not something i ever would have imagined, but thank goodness i am here.)
this year i want to:
- do (much) better in school - now that i know profs better and their expectations,i should be able to really excel
- save my money
- travel
- become a better photographer
- have a better attitude at work (big one right here, coz my attitude is not good lol)
- constantly challenge myself and learn new things all the time
- grow much stronger in my relationship with Christ, make that a much greater focus
- be kinder to my family
- read more, especially school books
- buy music more than i download it
- go to bed earlier
- get my monthly membership money's worth of ymca visits
- walk minnie more to help out the fam
- be a better, more selfless servant of God
- fall in love

actually... speaking of the last one there....

 turns out this shirt came true for me. the very last day of 2010.
so leaving you with that, ya, i think 2011 is going to be a pretty great year.


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