Saturday, January 29, 2011

sheesh ya'll twas a dream!

on thursday night jason, kasia and i adventured down to toronto (coz it's always an adventure!) to see jake and amir LIVE in "concert"! it was an awesome night.

starting it off at mcdonald's in honor of amir's love for mcd's - fave mcdonald's reference in this video.

i went up to the old woman working at mcd's and asked for just "THE SKIN AND THE SAUCE" but she had no idea what i was talking about.. obviously. hopefully jason will send me that video soon so you can see hahaha.

after our "dinner" - we felt pretty sick coz of the nasty food - we proceeded to the threatre (across from the rom) where jason saw a bunch of his youtube friends. one was the main planner of the event and he gave us vip stickers so that we would have the opportunity to meet jake and amir (and everyone else, but they don't matter haha) after the show before everyone else!

as suspected, jake and amir were HIGHlarious! i took some videos even though i wasn't allowed! (such a rebel!)

pg-rating folks.

there were also many other sktech comedy acts and some music too, but we didn't really care about them - in fact, most of their jokes relied solely on the mention of male genitalia and i think those jokes are weaksauce.

sooooo - kasia's fave part of the night - at the end of the evening jake and amir played a game with the audience, asking people to answers qs or do something and then they would win a collegehumor book. they called out asking a girl to stand on her chair and yell out a quote from lord of the rings. kasia jumped up and they chose her and she got to run on stage and hug amir. it was a beautiful sight. jake was thoroughly impressed with her - how could you not be! - it was pretty exciting for us haha. (unfortunately, my video won't upload on youtube so i will try vimeo later)

given our vip status we got to meet the guys after the show. there was some drama drama there because they were trying to get rid of everyone from the theatre but we were like last in line so kasia tore off a patch of the woman telling us to leave and we got to stay and get THIS:


kasia wrote amir a poem. and she read it to him. it was a beautiful sight/sound.


we went to the afterparty at jack astor's after and hung out with some youtubers and new people we met. all in all, amazing night. so much fun. lots of great laughs!

check out more jake and amir at collegehumor! woop woop!

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