Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i miss my camera.

short story short. i was at a conference at a church in grimsby. i have my camera in its bag under the pew, had my purse in front of me under the other pew. when we got up to leave - kind of in a tussle coz some people had bad attitudes and things were getting rushed and stressful - i just grabbed my purse, my bible, went to the bathroom, gathered my car-full of girls, and left. an hour down the road, in terrible, scary weather, i said, "guys. i forgot my camera." i felt really calm, there was no way i was going back. so kat called the church, left a message that i forgot it there. we teased the boy's car that we were turning around but then i started racing them instead (which they found very confusing). on the monday (this happened on saturday) i called them again and it was revealed to me that there was very little hope getting my camera back. i tweeted the youth and the senior pastor. senior pastor replied saying he hadn't seen anything. so even though obviously it sucks that someone stole my camera from a church, i really believe this was a God thing. like by taking my camera away He is trying to show me to focus more on Him and less on what i like, and my material things, and the things that distract me from time with Him. that's the only way i can explain the calm. i could have been angry, i could have been really hurt. but i felt really calm. and only bummed out. i basically just shrugged when i realized it was gone. that's not usually the reaction you experience when you lose something of great monetary value. so it had to have a much bigger meaning. so thank you Lord for the awakening. i really have felt that this incident has helped me look more to Him, to think more on the relationship that i have with God, to spend more time with the Lord.

all this being said, i'm getting really antsy and i miss my camera a lot. with this perspective change, i do still believe that i'm allowed to have a camera. i don't think He would give me a talent and the eye for photography if He didn't want me to use it. and with all sorts of really cool things happening in the church, i believe He would want me to use my talents for His glory - which is the whole idea of my life, of all of our lives, amen? but right now i'm in limbo. i want to be patient and not rush into getting a new camera right away, just to replace it, because i believe this next camera represents so much more. it represents a blessing from God. and it is going to be used for the betterment of the church and for His ministries. maybe that's a hefty comment but that's what i believe to be learning through all of this.

with only two weeks until summer i've been thinking a lot about starting up photography again. i will be remaking my photography blog and website. this i am really excited about. of course, just days after my camera was stolen i had five different people inquire about my photography, nothing solid, just ideas, but of course that would happen. on top of that, some really cool business opportunities have been suggested or offered to me, so we'll see what could take off this summer. i would love to be able to make money doing photography this summer and not working everyday, hating my life, at starbucks (again, starbucks is a great job. but customers are not always wonderful. i cannot handle working 30 hrs a week there the whole summer, i'll become depressed and cynical, no doubt).

fortunately, as i said in the last post, alyssa let me borrow her camera for the bchl hockey worship concert/"extravaganza" - it was so nice to have my face behind a camera again, wow - and i was able to get a lot of great pictures from that night!

in these pics: josh flis on lead guitar & vox; alisha penny on vox in white; phil dollin on the yellow electric; tanner mills on red electric guitar; tahlia knight on bass; michele quinlan on vocals in black&white stripes; jordan dean on keyboard and piano; jason hoover - check him out on youtube! - on drums.

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