Monday, March 28, 2011

outfit inspiration: american rag.

saw this outfit on cupcakes and cashmere and thought i would attempt an similar outfit for sunday.

check on the denim shirt - although the one i own is a tunic, and is a bit long - and check on the black skirt - deciding which one of many to wear was a thorough process. i'm passing on the turban - although i think they're adorable, this is barrie and i was going to church so no need to look like a city slicker, ahah.

this is what i came up with.

originally i started with a black and blue skirt, mimicking more closely emily's original outfit...

denim tunic from joefresh, skirt from urban outfitters, watch from toy watch, tight from gap.

last minute though i decided to mix it up instead and wear my layered purple skirt. my mom commented on my way "does that actually work together?" maybe it looked a bit off, but i was in a fashionista mood (meaning, that i could have worn anything and pretended that i looked awesome).

skirt from h&m, belt from aldo accessories.

it would have been nice to have been able to take actual full-body shots but given that my camera was stolen,i am borrowing my friend's much better canon for shoots tonight which does not take my remote shutter input. so self pic it was. although from this angle i look really thin so winwin haha!

usually i don't talk fashion on this blog anymore, but i kind of want to dabble back in it. i like clothes, clothes like me, people like my clothes, so i much experiment more with fashion posts. this may just be the beginning, so comment below, let me know if this is a good idea, bad idea or pass idea!

tonight my man and the [centred] band are playing for the bchl hockey party (or something) - they are putting on a worship concert for the hockey players and family. i will be shooting it with alyssa's amazing cam for promo stuff in the future. look out for that. we're working on some pretty amazing things.. and by "we" i mean, yes, [centred] is, but specifically some really cool things are going to come out of jflis[squared] and i am working with them as well. be excited!

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