Tuesday, April 19, 2011

boyfriend sings bieber.

josh told me he wrote me a song. i was really excited - coz, seriously, how romantic is that? - but he included that, although he "wrote it", it would probably sound familiar, like a song a popular artist wrote. so i guessed bieber!? and he said "...allie!!!" then when i got to sarah's coffee house she says to me "josh wrote me a song!!!!" so i was bummed and confused. then he got up on stage and announced "i told my girlfriend i wrote her a song, but then i told everyone i wrote them a song because it's just that good. my family said it's probably the best song they've ever heard". needless to say i was pretty excited. then he started playing, forgot the song, called me on stage to help remind him of the song, but seeing what it was i had to admit i'd never fully listened to the song!! so he tried again, remembered it. and played this. it was pretty funny. well he is pretty funny, so here's an enjoyable video.

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