Wednesday, April 6, 2011


well friends it's been an awesome week. total God things. wowza.

last post i told you that i lost my camera over a month ago. i have ruined the surprise in the title but i'll just go back and set this up for you. i spent sunday getting myself ready to buy a new camera. i paid off my credit card and requested a greater limit. i was corresponding with a man about a hockey tournament photography gig for this upcoming weekend (april 8 and 9) while also trying to borrow someone's camera again in the meantime. after talking to the man and saying that we're good to go once i get my shifts at work covered, telling him i have a camera, i heard back from alyssa that her camera wouldn't be available so i was really concerned about where i was going to get a cam from IF i was going to be able to do the gig. i'm in the process of all this while also writing TWO essays in the 11th hour (both were due monday, go me!) josh tells me that he has heard from the pastor of lakemount worship centre that my camera has been found!! i was sooo happy i could have cried. omgosh that timing is just incredible it can be nothing but a God thing!

on top of this great news, monday was an awesome day. did a presentation in my renaissance class that went really well. won a coffee from tim's roll up the rim (i thought i had lost my "luck" but it came back!), my camera was found, and then to top it all off, that night i went to the essa starbucks and found someone to take my shift on saturday! meaning that i could commit to the hockey gig for the weekend!!


we're driving all the way to st. catharine's tonight to pick up the camera from drew (the youth pastor). i'm insanely excited. like being reunited with a child. a child i thought was lost for good. that i really had no hope of ever seeing it again. i asked drew where it was found and turns out that someone found it, locked it up in the welcome desk but never told anyone. kind of a funny situation but i don't care, as long as i have it back now!

i'm so happy!

and i love road trips so i'm really excited for tonight's joyride. (we're also stopping at ikea for a desk chair which is just another exciting thing, coz i love ikea, and i really need a chair. not having one has really made me appreciate having one... isn't that always how it goes ha!)

just wanted to share that with you because i know many people were really sympathetic when they heard that i had lost my camera in the first place. so thank you for your concern and for your excitement! i can't wait to use the crap out of this beloved camera all summer (one more crazy week!)!!

cameraface. here i come!

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