Wednesday, April 6, 2011

happy list: early april edition.

so many things to be happy about. here's a few:

1. tonight's little road trip. going to st. catharine's to get...
2. my camera, which was found after over a month of being lost! so thankful
3. cheddar cheese bagels toasted with plain cream cheese. some people say they smell like feet; i must love the smell of feet.
4. snow melting.
5. only one week to drudge through then summertime!
6. really good worship albums like elevation worship, passion 2010, chris mcclarney, and hillsong united.
7. mysterious film developed. they're the disgusting pictures from my 14th birthday. haha. memories.
8. spending the lunch break reading failbook, people of walmart, and other ridiculous sites displaying people's ridiculousness.
9. once-a-week harry potter movie watching with someone who has never read nor knows anything about the books. this week, harry potter and the philosopher's stone. next week, harry potter and the chamber of secrets.
10. my woods kids. even when i don't get to see them, just thinking about them brings me joy.
11. coffee-house style youth nights including four cups of hot chocolate of which i've been mad craving.
12. the prospect of owning an iphone. pretentious, but exciting.
13. this weekend's photo gig and new business potential.
14. grey keds and black tomms.
15. getting a new, much needed desk chair.
16. shakespeare, poetry, and my favourite profs.
17. sermon podcasts.
18. backroad driving.
19. organizing my book shelves and the compilation of summer reading.
20. answered prayers: job/camera/school/friends/family/love/church/conference/opportunities/etc

have a great night my friends!

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