Thursday, May 5, 2011

blog shoutouts!

the sassy curmudgeon :: she is my favourite blogger, absolutely hilarious, and she talks about the most random things
jamie delaine's blog :: this girl is such a talented young photographer who is also so open and transparent about her passion and love for Christ
sarah's thailand missions trip blog :: my friend sarah morrison left on the weekend for a month-long missions trip in thailand with 3 other girls from ontario and manitoba. i'm sure she'll be updating lots of goodness while they are there working for God's glory
grace like rain girls :: my good friend kristy and her friend from vancouver gill have put this blog together to celebrate and display cool things like art, photography, music, websites, etc. it's like a compilation of different girls blogging different interests and going-ons in life. they have great taste and are so artsy fartsy! love it.
this is glamourous :: this site is glamourous. need i say more?
sweet melodies :: my girl alyssa's blog: life, faith, music, art, etc.
freedom song :: alisha's blog: life, faith, music, art, career, etc.
manrepeller :: a must read for any fashion lover. she is hilarious and her outfits are outrageous. so great, love it! i want to be friends with this girl so badly, but i'm sure she gets that a lot.
rockstar diaries :: beautiful blog of a beautiful young family.
jill mccloghry's blog :: i've mentioned jill many times (here, here and here). she is a singer and worship leader from hillsong who has dealt with some fertility issues and yet is constantly moved and reliant on her faith in Christ which is encouraging and beautiful.

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