Saturday, May 14, 2011

summer goals 2011.. cont'd!

over the past few weeks since i posted my extensive list of things to do this summer, i have thought up a few more. i figured, it's already kind of excessive, i mise well just take it as far as can, right?

so here goes part two!
  1. go to the toronto zoo (elmvale zoo may also count..)
  2. cn tower: dinner
  3. cn tower: glass floor
  4. blue jays games
  5. see a concert at the acc (which will also count for "go to at least 6 concerts")
  6. see a play
  7. help pastor mike complete his book by september
  8. start a small group/bible study focused on women
  9. don't eat mcdonald's at all (this will only be hard if friends end up hanging there!)
  10. cash diet, aka budget
  11. host a dinner
  12. spend a whole day baking
  13. eat indian food
  14. start learning an instrument
  15. pick someone special up from the airport
  16. spend the morning at the mariposa market
  17. learn how to elaborately decorate a cake
  18. hit up the st. lawrence market
  19. see phil (and kate?) run through the distillery district
  20. bargain for tickets to a sold-out camera last minute

i don't expect to complete all of these, but they are ideas of things to do for adventures or days off. beware:this might get extended again!

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