Wednesday, May 25, 2011

summer photoshoot in minesing 2011, #1.

on the monday holiday, i went over to alyssa's in minesing, and after a nice, chill day of drinking tea, converting videos, and movie-watching, we decided to finally get off our butts and do one of our all-time favourite things - photoshoot. so we got all dolled up, and as the sun was setting, took pictures on the road in front of her house. the pictures turned out great. the settings were all perfect and my model was even better!

here are some shots alyssa took of me - disregard watermark, all credit goes to her, but since they're going on the internet, i want to make sure to protect both her and my work!

like what you see? "like" my photography page on facebook here! i'm booking now for summer photoshoots. email me for info on prices, times, packages, etc at!

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