Friday, May 20, 2011

toronto train adventure.

on tuesday i had the day off work so i decided to take the train down in the morning to toronto for a little adventure to knock off some of my summer goals. i had this plan to go to st lawrence market, then to urban outfitters, then to meet my cousin, adam, for lunch at king & spadina, then to the royal ontario museum with kasia. i followed the plan perfectly - minus the first part. the weather wasn't that lovely and considering i've never been to the market i decided i didn't really want to to walk over there (or figure out the ttc there) in the dreary weather so instead i sat in eaton centre until the stores opened, made myself dizzy twirling through some of my favourites. i did well to not buy anything but the dress i will be wearing at spring banquet from urban outfitters. at noon i went to meet adam at the king and spadina intersection. we went to exciting subway to eat (he was really considered about taking too long going anywhere else and missing an important meeting), we walked around for a bit, and at one i left to go meet kasia at the rom.what we didn't know was that it was the free-for-students night so we got in for free, looked at the exhibits, took pictures (obviously), and chatted. it was a lovely day. and taking the train was a good experience too. i really liked watching people running for it, and the "customer service representative" jeff who narrated the ride! only downside is how limited you are in times to go and come back, but that could change eventually.

here are some of my favourite pictures from the day!

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