Tuesday, June 28, 2011

for the next three days...

i worked til 2:30am last night. and then i woke up at 6:30am. coz my body hates me or something. ugh. absolutely the worst. now i have to go into a whirlwind three days on basically no rest.

here's what's up.

830am make icing
930am shower
940am straighten hair in prep for tonight..
11am walk to work... unless someone wants to drive me in which case this would be 1130am
12pm starbucks
4pm get picked up from work
410pm get dressed and beautified for tonight. also, dinner?
500pm drop phil off for his graduation!!
530pm go to phil's grad
600pm phil's grad (in case you weren't following)
930pm go home
945pm dessert time!
1030pm ice cake

945pm final cake decorting class
12pm starbucks
730pm finish work...
915pm cleaning at acura
12am finish work...

1000am internship in alliston
200pm home time
230pm get picked up by katie, go to toronto
7pm katy perry concert at acc!

nothing planned. praise God.
happy canada day though!

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