Tuesday, June 7, 2011

spring banquet: around the world on a plate

on friday night, there was a spring banquet at emmanuel for the youth, celebrating the graduating grade 12s. it was a lovely fun night with a lot of good looking people! [looking through the pictures the day after i was just stunned by the quantity of attractive people in our youth. it's kind of ridiculous! not to mention they're talented, kind, influential, motivated, & potential world-changers!] josh and i played some music at dinner time (video included in this blog), for appetizers the gym was set up with different world stations and featured a taste from those countries (the theme was "around the world on plate"... hence the really cool, international decor!) and there was a buffet dinner of chicken, veggies, and salad. after the dinner, games and "graduation" portion, everyone got changed and went outside for a bonfire. i passed on that because of the bugs (and headed to moose winnoskis with josh and some friends from the soccer team) but it was an excellent night and i love the beautiful pictures (and people) from the spring banquet!

...i'm actually just madly in love with this church, with this ministry, with these "kids"... events like these are a constant reminder of how blessed i am, especially through my involvement in emmanuel. i'm super thankful!

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