Monday, July 11, 2011

more music monday.

a song a day until the next week...

monday: mat kearney's "in the middle" from nothing left to lose (2007)
- version below is from acoustic (2007), there is also another from kearney's album bullet (2004)

tuesday: matthew perryman jones & katie herzig's "where the road meets the sun" (2009)

wednesday: graham colton's "best days" from here right now (2007)

thursday: ivan and alyosha's "everything is burning - ep" from fathers be kind (2010)

friday: katy perry's "last friday night (t.g.i.f.)" from teenage dream (2010)
inappropriate but oh-so-fun!

saturday: jillian edward's "go together" from galaxies & such (2009)

sunday: hillsong live's "rise" from god is able (2011)

until next week.. enjoy! x

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