Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the national parks project.

this is a show on discovery world hd. the imagery is sublime. the music is emotional. the experience of the show is spectacular and it is a constant reminder that we, as canadians, are so blessed to live in such a diverse, gorgeous, rich, amazing country.

The National Parks Project (NPP) is a ground-breaking collaborative film, music and television new media project that features contributions by more than 50 of Canada's most acclaimed filmmakers and musicians, celebrating the inspirational beauty of Canada's national parks.

my favourite quote is from free the children's craig kielburger when he said "having been born in canada, you have essentially already won the lottery of life". pairing that with the knowledge that i am a child of God, i know there is nothing in this world i cannot attain.

the imagery of this show and how it is showcasing some of the most beautiful, protected landscapes of canada evokes in me the desire to travel to the furthest depths of the earth, and being canadian, it inspires me to explore those depths within my own country.

expect more travel posts. i'm about to go tumble some images from around the world to feed my yearning to get on a plane and just go some place. any place. every place! ahh!

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