Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer goals: consolidated.

i have crossed off a few things since may, and so far, i'd say i
m doing pretty well plus i have plans in place already to complete more, but who wants to help me finish this list!!?? dibbs things to do together in the comments! only a month and half left of this glorious season of no school!

... woah. this might be my last "summer" ever. unless i become a teacher.. we'll see. all the more reason to get a move on!

1. read half of summer reading list
2. go on a trip, even in ontario
3. lead worship
4. plan a couple awesome events
5. work and not grow weary
6. go-karting
7. hang with my small group girls
8. plan scavenger hunt
9. white falls
10. not get burnt at all
11. camping at least three times
12. go for a really long swim
13. indulge at moroco chocolate
14. see the sunrise
15. go on a hot-air balloon ride
16. go laser-tagging
17. fund raise for erupt conference - n/a
18. hit up the royal ontario museum
19. do or line-up 20 photo gigs
20. do something out of my comfort zone
21. motivate people about mocha club
22. go to the science centre
23. star gaze with someone i love
24. make a few really cool dslr videos
25. volunteer outside of the church
26. go golfing
27. get one of my pictures published
28. become awesome at scrabble
29. adventure to ottawa, montreal, or quebec city
30. go to the farmer's market
31. skinny dipping
32. impulsively spend a few nights in another city
33. fly somewhere
34. second job?
35. write a children's story
36. get dolled up, sit on a patio being fabulous
37. hit up wasaga beach numerous times
38. give sandwiches to people in need
39. remake website
40. pick berries at barrie hill farms
41. sneak backstage
42. plant, nurture something in the garden
43. walk minnie everyday
44. get 200 followers on twitter
45. ride the train somewhere
46. go hiking
47. drive-in movies
48. stay up for 26 hours
49. ride on a ferris wheel
50. go to at least 6 concerts
51. go to the toronto zoo (elmvale zoo may also count..)
52. cn tower: dinner and/or glass floor
53. blue mountain
54. blue jays games
55. see a concert at the acc
56. see a play
57. help pastor mike complete his book
58. start a small group/bible study focused on women
59. don't eat mcdonald's at all
60. cash diet, aka budget
61. host a dinner
62. spend a whole day baking
63. eat indian food
64. start learning an instrument
65. pick someone special up from the airport
66. spend the morning at the mariposa market
67. learn how to elaborately decorate a cake
68. st. lawrence market
69. see sibs run through the distillery district
70. bargain for tickets to a sold-out concert

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