Monday, August 1, 2011

happiness photo.

spent some time at my uncle's beautiful house and pool last week. feeling pretty low then it was refreshing to hang out in nature and listen to people play golf at the course behind his house and to hang with the rents. I especially love the country roads to get out there.. to get out anywhere really. they are so refreshing and make me appreciate the 367,446,889 fantastic things in life and help me to put aside the 1 thing bothering me. I'm happy to report that, having let down my pride and anger, the Lord has worked immediately to free me from the feelings of hurt and self-doubt that I have been plagued with for months. there are better things out there. this was only a season. and I have come to accept that, while the timing was short, it is invaluable what I've learned and obviously I just needed to learn it the hard way. now for some actual moving forward.

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