Friday, August 19, 2011

happy list.

1. open windows over freshly made beds.
2. the way minnie rubs her belly on the carpet by crawling along.
3. movie times with my buddies.
4. redecorating my room. (this point includes the happiness that comes with pillow shopping and visualizing a pretty new space. also finding great deals. like that clear desk chair. bought as-is only coz a bolt is out but included! jackpot!)

5. receiving book recommendations and recommending books. (unhappy list would include using self-control to not buy recommended books right now.. ha!)
6. montreal trip next weekend!
7. ottawa trip the weekend after!
8. the message bible. so good. so fresh.
9. being money wise now for exciting things in the future.
10. this family photo of some of my mom's cousins from 1958. she's and 3 other of her siblings weren't even born yet. i'd love to see the cousin picture from 1965... massive.

11. lunch times and tea time with a new, wonderful friend.
12. this concert - hillsong united - and the music they make. and the God we worship through their music.

13. sermon podcasts. i love sermon podcasts. minus that i have 300 mb of memory left on my computer..
14. my favourite blog: the wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell.
15. shopping. intending to spend nothing. but then everything you try on fits you perfectly.
16. lone adventures to "far away" places. like blue mountain. sitting in a big red muskoka chair listening to parents joke with their kids, witnessing well-done-up girls paddleboat into a fountain, reading a great, challenging book, and spending time restoring a broken heart.

17. the perfect amount of coffee left for me in the morning.
18. exciting photo gigs.
19. the table of piggie banks at home outfitters. (i have searched high and low for you sweet piglets!)

20. stacks of magazines. even though they remain unread. i love the colourful pages.
21. my favourite starbucks customers.
22. picking classes for fall. and the prospect of school being so soon. i can't wait to be back in school. five months is enough.
23. kind messages from caring leaders. so appreciated.
24. the joy and excitement i feel knowing i am going to spend all year with my favourite gr 2's in sunday school. yessss.
25. old hillsong united albums - "all of the above" and "united we stand".
26. waking up every morning and feeling even just a bit better.
27. the blessing of the loving people in my life.
28. neighbourhood pool splashing sounds.
29. long-lasting highlighters.
20. this confidence. this faith. these reassurances of His promises. [hebrews 11-13]

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