Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i'd give my eyesight for a little bit of urgency.

maybe andrew belle is a prophetic soul coz everytime i take a bit to really listen to his songs, i wonder when he started living my life. there are specific lines in each of his songs which are exactly what i'm feeling or dealing with.

this is my present story.

and when i say oh, don't you want me?
don't you need me?
cause I, I feel let down
the same red ruby, blood flows through me
but I, don't feel it now
show me where you lost your heart
and i'll find it for you
but all these strings on my guitar
won't solve this for you
i'd give my eyesight for
a little bit of urgency
or just some signs of life
consider this a courtesy
from me to you
cause i don't know how
much longer i can drive you home

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