Thursday, August 4, 2011

life through photo apps.

queen margherita pizza, toronto, with the family, saying goodbye to kate and happy birthday to phil (1-8); catching up on magazines and beach days (9-10); ben's first birthday (11); at the court farm with the spencer's, planting a tree in remembrance of papa and mamare (12-14); blue mountain with the boys: the village, some man's heart foam latte, colourful chairs, dinosaurs, coffee, patio laughs, and amazing beaver tails (flavours from foreground clockwise: maple walnut (mine), cinnamon sugar (rob's), reese pieces (jason)) (15-22); uncle jim's fundraising chicken dinner, including a glimpse at 27,000 chicks growing to be served on a plate at swiss chalet (23-24); country roads and happy birthday minnie!!! (25-26); jim's backyard resort alone (28), and with cousins, being hilarious (29-31); kempenfest concert with sierra - in our free tshirts (34) - and alyssa (35); finally, a witty sign this cleaner appreciates at bmw (37) and the beautiful boats of barrie (38).

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