Wednesday, August 3, 2011

money wise.

the past few weeks i have had some mornings off. time to spend watching some of my favourite shows on hgtv, the w network, own, etc. these shows are mainly dealing with marriage and money. i have been trying to take control of my money situation because it was getting out of control. and by "money situation" i really mean my excessive spending habits. i want to save for big purchases - travel and education - so i need to start now or i'm going to end up on the edge of those experiences, having to reach for debt instead of savings.

my friend rob gave me some ideas to help me get my act together, so i dug into my savings and paid off the balance of my credit card - which was only $200 but it was easily adding up - and since then i have been living on a cash diet of $100 from each paycheque, putting the rest into my savings, and putting the money i'm making cleaning in my special travel-money piggie bank! it's been a month and i have already saved over $600 (in the piggie bank; more in the real bank). woop. so one fifth of the way there!

anyways. i'm really trying to early combat the debt that so many young people get into. i was reading on one of my favourite blogs, hipstercrite, about her perspective on twenty-somethings money issues and how she managed to get her act together. even though i am horrible with money and love buying things (things things things!) i need to shape up or it's going to get messy for me later in life. plus if i dream of traveling the world and raising 14 children then i'm gonna need some mullah. better start now to show them they're worth it ("this is a dime i saved when i was 21 years old children" "mom, what's a dime? i only know about *insert idea of some nifty, advanced money innovation here*" haha shoot). her blog was good and real. it also offered some helpful tips for getting yourself out of a rut, or not getting yourself in a rut in the first place.

read hipstercrite's blog "the twenty something and debt" here!

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