Monday, August 22, 2011

more music monday: bethel music & related artists special.

these songs and artists are pretty similar. they are all very melodic, "inspirational" (as itunes calls it), sing a lot of christian-themed songs and most are signed to christian labels - like william matthews and bryan & katie torwalt who are signed to the bethel music label. (them plus the johnson's and amanda falk have all been affiliated with bethel church, the church in california where jesus culture comes out of!) anyways. i usually go for a variety but this is what i've been listening to so here i am sharing them with you!


"cripple me" by elenowen

"these three words" by jake ousley

"holy spirit" by bryan and katie torwalt

"we will wait" by amanda falk

"deep cries out" by william matthews

"o taste and see" by brian and jenn johnson

plus. if you like what you heard, check out bethel music's "be lifted high" worship album. one of my faves!

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