Sunday, August 21, 2011

podcasts, pastors, and online churches.

over the past few weeks i've been asked many times about the podcasts and pastors i listen to. since i've been cleaning i've really gotten into listening to church podcasts throughout the night instead of music. meaning that in a span of 3+ hours i usually go through like 3 different sermons. my mind has been exploding and it has been incredible. i will definitely miss that about that job. anyways. i thought i would take the interest of these people and make a post of it.

this past year i have been opened up to so many different pastors and churches on an international scale. if you look close enough, many of them are connected so finding more is never hard. i have a few go-to favourites and then some who i like to listen to occasionally.

so here is my list. including some of my favourite messages!

judah smith from the city church, seattle

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perry noble from newspring church, south carolina

more from the upgrade series

more from the make war series

more from the man vs wife series

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chelsea smith (judah's wife) from the city church

mostly i love her ladies' bible study talks. especially "priorities", the fruit of the spirit (incl. "joy and peace", "faithfulness", and "longsuffering and kindness") and "Jesus is full of abundant life".

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robert morris from gateway church, southlake, texas

he gave a great word about tithing at newspring church. but you can hear more from robert morris here.

more from the more series from newspring church

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gini smith (judah's mom) from the city church

i also loved her ladies' bible study message, the troubled heart.

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rich wilkerson jr from the vous, miami

my first listen of him was the "like a virgin" series about dating and sex that he does with his wife, dawnchere. at the time i listened to this, these messages were challenging and exciting for me.

mark driscoll from mars hill church, seattle

i've been going through proverbs so i have just been listening to this series of his recently, but have heard other messages by him in the past.

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craig groeschel from

if any of you have the youversion bible on your smart phones, this man birthed the idea! he has done wonders via technology to allow millions of people access to the Word of God. pretty rad stuff!

favourite message is his most recent series, bold! listen to the full sermon here.

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andy stanley from northpoint church, georgia

really loved his series "the new rules for love, sex & dating". videos ar not available for download but you can watch the full series here! a must-listen young people!

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hope this opens up your world! enjoy!

what did you think about these messages?! did you learn anything exciting and challenging?

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