Sunday, August 14, 2011

taste of the danforth.

last sunday, we - kat, jason, rob, and i - went to the taste of the danforth. it was a fun day with great people. we saw people dancing; we heard people screaming and running for cover from the massive drops of rain; we ate food and drank on the street - souvlaki, squid, butter chicken, ice cream, fancy root beer and coke, etc; we met up with jason's fellow youtubing friends (olivia, andrew and zach); we explored candy stores, biermarkt, soapy fountains, subways, go stations, and we finished the day with fancy, delicious, late-night deserts (after all this) at an adorable hole-in-the-wall the sultan's tent and cafe moroc where we just missed the belly dancer!

minus starting the day off to massiveexplodingbomb news, an adventure for me always helps heal or calm my restless, often worrisome heart. i appreciate these people. i appreciate these experiences. and i always appreciate a chance to go discover new places in cities i love.

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