Monday, October 31, 2011

more music halloween monday.

"you're never giving up" by jonathan david hesler

yesterday i went to this sweet church in alliston - shoutout to alliston christian fellowship! - and they have amazing free worship. i love love love it. they played this song. so i went home and bought the album! (you can do so too here.) this video is a little more "free worship" than i like to listen to but the song is pretty incredible nonetheless.

"never once" by matt redman

they also played this at acf. boom!

"toes" by lights

"princess of china" by coldplay

"the unknown" by athlete

have you seen soul surfer? man, you gotta see it. that's where i got this song from!

"i am mine" by brooke waggoner

"keep your eyes open" by needtobreathe


  1. I think you are my music soulmate. I hope that's not weird.

  2. ohh i like to hear that! thanks for checking out my blog! i try to post more music every monday so come back again ;)


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