Friday, October 14, 2011

roadtrip playlist.

i am a huge fan of songs that make me feel like i'm on a roadtrip or driving on an empty, open road. often this becomes problematic because then i just cravecravecrave an actual roadtrip and those don't happen often.

here's the thing. i can't imagine anything much more romantic than roadtripping somewhere with the man i love. i think that is just the absolute best. but there's also that really "romantic" idea of escape or transition or change or moving forward that can be found in what i will classify as "travel songs. it's like, either you're riding alongside your love, or you're riding alone. top down. open roads. [of course in this dream, the weather is perfect and your never run out of gas or money or get lost.] so with these images in mind, i present to you my "roadtrip playlist".

"drive all night" by needtobreathe

at this point, i am completely obsessed with this song. it's a pretty good bet that if you see me singing or just moving my lips that it is this song that is going through my head.

this is one of those "driving-by-yourself" songs. i imagine the singer is really searching for change, for something new, or some resolve. i can empathize with him at this point, and i would love to find somewhere i could drive all night, that sounds amazing. as long as i can blast this song on repeat the whole time.

"a million miles to go" by joy williams and trent dabbs

this song is so sweet. makes me think of a blossoming, beautiful new relationship. when everything is sweet and fun, and you just want to hang out together. love that thought. this song makes me smile.

"fire and rain" by mat kearney

this is one of my all-time favourite songs. it has the highest rating possible on my itunes.

whenever i'm in the passenger seat with my brother, i pretty much always play this song and i play it loud. it makes me think of time passing, hope being renewed, and healing being acknowledged. this song has taken on new meaning for me recently. it makes me wonder about the day weeks, months, years from now, when i will see that old flame and remember the pain, but then realize how far i've come and know it's all ok - "maybe we're not, not that gone". and in that moment, i'll remember why i loved him. not for him, but because of the tests he (and He) put me through that brought me to a much better place.

plus, it's mat kearney singing. how can i not love this song? he is king of travel songs!

"we've only just begun" by run kid run

this song reminds me of high school. those days were fun. "go make the best of everything you want to be" - this song encourages. now onward young grasshopper!
(i used this song in my high school graduation video. how appropriate.)

"georgia" by hanson

hellllo, my favourite song. this song totally makes me want to fall in love and drive across the country. maybe we'll head to georgia... i love how he says "i'll be chasing you the rest of my life; welcome to the rollercoaster ride". i love how he needs her, and wants her, and is devoted to her. i'm a sucker for this stuff.

"the first single" by the format

this song is all about change and moving on. giving up on something you think is good coz you realize it really isn't, even though you're trying to keep it together, knowing that it's not worth it. that's a hard lesson. but it's always freeing to break from something like that. this song will be on the soundtrack to my life several times.

"fly with me" by jonas brothers

i may no longer be a jo-bro-ho but you can't deny the feeling of this song is dreamy. plus the peter pan and wendy reference melts me. if a real-life man sang this song to me (or used the lyrics on me) i'd be a goner haha - "if it's you and me forever, if it's you and me right now, that'd be alright."

"in your atmosphere" by john mayer

"i don't know what it's like to land and not race to your door" - this song is all about having to find a new place. but that's all part of the adventure of life. new destinations bring new experiences and new faces and new opportunities.

"i'm going to steer clear, i'd burn up in your atmosphere"

"sweet thing" by keith urban

i love the idea of playing this song after a first date - when things are so sweet exciting. i asked josh if we could play it after our date. he said no. so i dumped him! hahahaha (i dumped him 5 months later, but don't think it wasn't a factor!)

plus, keith is a sexy aussie. hellllo!

"you'll ask for me" by tyler hilton

this song makes me think of growing out of one image or reputation and into another. in love, we often want to better ourselves for that special someone. in the lyrics and sound of this song, i think the guy is the there but the girl doesn't believe. it's about that whole trying to prove yourself transition. that can be a trying time, moving forward into a different, better you.

"spin" by lifehouse

absolutely perfect, riding-with-the-top-down-beside-my-love song. can't wait til the day i play this in the car and it's true.

"hills and valleys" by the rocket summer

listen and i won't even need to give you a blurb to describe why this is a travel song. it's going to make you move! "i'm on top of the world!"

what songs would YOU put on the roadtrip soundtrack of your life?!

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