Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the hutchins family - november 2011.

on sunday, i spent the afternoon photographing this family. we had a lot of fun shooting at a neighbour's farm in minesing with perfect fall weather - in november. we were in the donkey's pen and he was trying to intimidate me; that made for a good show. as well, the bulls in the pen next door were watching us rather threateningly. everyone was safe though, and shoes remained relatively clean!

this family is pro. they were so patient and willing to keep going even when i know they were tuckering out. they have their picture taken a lot, that is why i feel so honoured that they asked me to take their 2011 Christmas shots! can't wait to see them on the gorgeous mom, amber's blog. it was so great getting to know your fun, funny family. i look forward to getting to know you better and watching your family grow!

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  1. those are great :) That's a big family!

  2. you were a rock star! i told you i get nervous taking pics, and you relaxed me immediately. i love all the laughing ones you captured. you can't beat real life, candid moments like that~

    look forward to spending more time with ya girl.. next time on the other side of the lens - like, over a coffee, just sitting, chatting. ;)

    thanks so much. anyone looking for a sweet, talented, easy to be around photographer.. allie's your pick! :) :)


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