Wednesday, November 2, 2011

linky love wednesday.

"to the girl who's tired of waiting" by will darden

commenting on lauren dubinsky's post "what makes a woman good?", will writes an open letter to all women, encouraging them not to deck out of the race just because you think there are no "good guys" out there - there are, and will is an example of one. this was very encouraging for me personally because in the past weeks i've been discouraged about this. in reality, this discouragement just forces me to have higher expectations, to be more hopeful, and more "demanding" of what i'm looking for. no compromising!

"surrending to singleness" by fabienne harford on relevant magazine

when else in our lives are we really truly not in control at all, have no way of manipulating control? that would be in our season's of singleness. in so many other circumstances we can "will" what we want (although how this "willing" turns out in God's grand scheme of things varies...) - you can't just make yourself "unsingle". you can't just change your facebook status to married and be married... fabienne harford explores this - and how to surrender (or better, to embrace) singleness - in her article for relevant.

"a letter to my 18 year old self - and my story" by lauren dubinsky

oh man. i love this. first of all, what a wild story. not one i have experienced but absolutely love her heart, and find great hope in how she has transformed her life, and love how she shares where these experiences have taken her. the lessons she has learned though i do relate to. they are reminders of God's sovereignty and His great plans for our lives when give our plans up and over to Him.

"10 things to do before marriage" by jennifer bryant on steph in dialogue

although this list isn't wildly exciting, it's neat to think of some things that i'd like to do before "settling down" as they say. having read many posts this week about the unique experience of singleness - which we all experience but embrace differently - and about what a great opportunity singleness can be if we "use" it wisely, this post (and steph's tweet back to me, asking what i would add) has made me think about the different things i would like to take advantage of in my singleness.

"dear christianity: an apology" by max dubinsky

simply put, good perspective. definitely made me think about how i represent christianity. max provides some great thoughts on how we act as christians and what that communicates to people who do not believe.

"your story" by coleen york

i totally believe the only thing you really have to share is your story - no one can refute what you have experienced or what has happened in your life. coleen encourages you to be confident in your story, to embrace that what has happened in your life is what has brought you to where you are now and has the power to impact others. i just got baptized last weekend (oct 23) and afterwards i heard so much encouragement about what all of those baptized shared. i really do hope that the 8 mins of my story helps someone, brought them perspective, made them crave God... i don't know what, but i totally trust that God took my sharing and that outward profession of Him to affect someone who heard it. how cool is that! that your story has the power to change someone else's life simply because you shared. embrace that!

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