Tuesday, December 27, 2011

allie in oz: sydney, day 1!

today was a pretty epic day. after two days of flying - having left toronto at 6pm on dec 25 - I arrived in sydney after a short stint in la at 10am this morning - dec 27. brooke and her friend, michelle (who's house we're staying at and who's brain we're picking - thank you michelle et al!), picked me up from the airport and so begins our whirlwind day.

from zipping around corners into north sydney, to cross the great bridge, a wonderful shower and the feeling of clean, to venturing out on the bus to the harbor where views of the opera house and the bridge can be gasped at and adored. shopping commenced - I already have favourite stores! then off to a 3 hour long round of cricket between sydney and melbourne - sydney 6ers taking the prize - with 27,000 of my aussie friends. millions of pictures were taken and it's only day one. food was consumed, new friends were made, culture was shared and experienced. what a brilliant way to start this trip of a lifetime.

mom and dad, I really may never come home!

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