Thursday, January 5, 2012

allie in oz: day 9!

what a great day touring to and along the great ocean road. way too much to type but the pictures will speak volumes.

to give you a taste, lots of rock/limestone formations. spectacular sights. God is quite the artist and He's totally showing off for us! weather has been awesome and it looks just like a dream... everywhere!

we went to the grotto, bay of islands, bay of martyrs, london bridge and the twelve apostles. we also saw the sunset over the rocks and it was beautiful.

we waited for the penguins but they came home late and we couldn't see them at all. too bad. that's what we went to the aquarium for.

also, i skyped my family last night/their morning and it was so revitalizing. i was feeling pretty homesick but now I'm encouraged and can take on the world. with that, i feel i could be here for a long time and be ok.

tomorrow's going to be a bug, beautiful day. we're going on a helicopter ride!!

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