Sunday, January 1, 2012

allie in oz: sydney day 6!

this morning we went to hillsong at the city campus. much smaller than I expected. excellent worship as I expected. talked to someone about college there. they love it. i hope one day i'll go and love it too.

afterwards we met up with michelle's friend, megan, in darling harbour for a delicious chicken caesar salad and views of the harbour and the best looking people. (debatable.) we wandered to get gelato post-lunch at which time michelle decided to entertain us all - movenpick staff included - by smearing it all over her face (photo top right). thanks for the tears and incredible ab workout!

then shopping. finally purchased clothes.... that I can wear in the canadian weather woop woop!

then brooke and I took the train to parramatta where we got a free shuttle bus to hillsong's hill's campus - the original campus. much bigger. jad gilles did worship. sooy good. good message on making and completing resolutions for the new year. saw some friends from across the church and chatted for a bit before hopping on the bus, then train again to get "home". there we chilled and chatted with michelle's lovely parents and now we catch up on facebook, photo editing and eating food.

i also want to organize my suitcases. the wheel broke on my way here so I bought a new one. and ya, it's purple.

tomorrow we have a very strenuous but fun day planned. but you'll have to check back on that then. same place, same time!

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