Tuesday, January 3, 2012

allie in oz: sydney day 7!

what a lovely day it was for the beach. hot and sunny. we spent most of the day at balmoral beach roasting and toasting in the sun with an occasional excursion into the incredible ocean. this was followed by returning home to shower and pack our bags for melbourne bright and early tomorrow morning (as in like 5 hrs). it has been such a wonderful blessing to be able to stay with the boyle's while we've been in sydney! they have been so, so good to us - feeding us, guiding us, giving up their beds for us (thank you nicole!) once we had packed we headed to newtown to finally have max brenner chocolate. and oh man, was the wait ever worth it! we had three different milkshakes - chocolate, cookies n cream (although the name they have for it is much cooler but I forget it now), and peanut butter!, chocolate banana crepes, and chocolate pizza with a crunch - crust with chocolate, corned flakes, white chocolate, nuts and marshmallows! ah-may-zing! although not the tidiest meal to eat. lots of napkins were needed. when we finished that, michelle drove me down to the opera house to take artsy pictures with my heart bokeh. we also went to another location where I could see the bridge and the opera house in one place. the pictures turned out very cool! can't wait to share!

as i said, tomorrow we begin 6 days in melbourne. the flight is an hour and a half and for thursday and friday we have a tour along the great ocean road. but there will definitely be pictures of that. after that I imagine lots of shopping and sightseeing. i'm looking forward to the philip island penguin march which is the main reason i wanted to go there in the first place! everyone says great things about melbourne so i can't wait!

see you soon ;)

...but hopefully not too soon. i like it here!

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