Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a happy list.

this week has been one of many conflicts. as is usually the case, once one thing happens many others do too, and then all of a sudden you just become bogged down and tired about petty, silly, preventable things.

this week i had to learn to revise, and i had to learn to say sorry. and that was a good thing.

i had to step back and say, how am i going to make this a better situation, and prevent things like this from happening again. and this was also a good thing.

sometimes i forget that despite how "bold", "outspoken" or [my favourite] "real" i can be in person, that doesn't always translate well onto social media. it's one thing to say certain things among friends and peers but a different ballgame when written for an unrestricted world wide audience. as a lover of social media, i keep getting lost in translation. so with that realization [and as is the theme for much of my life] i need to be more disciplined in the way i conduct myself here on this bloggy-blog, and more aware of what i write on the web. not a new lesson, just redefining my voice.

this will be a challenge. i don't have to tell you life isn't always easy. but that's what banking posts is for. as much as i like to talk, no one else needs to be burdened by my dramatic thoughts or my worries; this just doesn't need to be a place for that.

 so readers, i am making a commitment to you that this will be a place of positivity. i don't take back what i've written coz it was at one time my reality and to remove them would be to co-op, but i will do my utmost from now on to provide you with uplifting, encouraging, and challenging posts.

so with that being said,
here's a happy list:

1. today's weather. hello! sunny and spring-like
2. minnie cuddled under the covers with her head on the pillow
3. 7am sunday morning prayer times
4. ambitious jacket-less photoshoots in the cold and snow
5. fundraisers for a friend's missions trip to nigeria!
6. heated brownies covered in caramel sauce and whipped cream [although i will not include on this list how i felt afterwards]
7. hilarious videos of "dramatic chipmunks" posted on my wall
8. late night, post-worship coffee culture chats with a wonderful friend
9. blogging in the nude. not that i do that
10. the message paraphrase of the bible! woooowee! good stuff
11. tshirts with sequin shoulders
12. the blessing of an important pastor on my future endeavours
13. the sweetest texts from the sweetest people letting you know they're thinking about you
14. friends that pray together, stay together [sooooo blessed to have many of these]
15. an exciting weekend ahead at snocamp, our winter youth retreat!
16. waking up after a rough night of sleep with a renewed spirit of thankfulness and forgiveness

what are YOU happy about today!?
have a fantastic week friends! xx


  1. thanks babe for mentioning me!

    and i honestly do believe the praying together staying together thing. we are having the best moments these past few days. i say let them continue forevaaa

  2. I love how your happy list suddenly got me thinking of all in my life that I can, and should, be happy about regardless of the circumstance =)


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