Wednesday, February 15, 2012

linky love wednesday.

well, well, well. wednesday is loaded this week. but truly it's the day i spend the most time on the computer.

ok, maybe that isn't a fair statement, but the most time confined to my computer as a source of entertainment. i have 6 hours of classes on wednesdays and, i'm not going to lie, i'm not the most diligent of all students. plus i like blogs, and my curiosity always leads me to searching the world wide web while also listening to the lecture.

so here are some of the fun things i've been looking at lately.

ah-may-zing looking burger cookie-brownies snack-treats made to celebrate the superbowl on cupcakes and cashmere. using peanut butter cookies as the buns, a brownie patty, shredded coconuts coloured green for lettuce, and red royal icing as ketchup!

the always super-duper cute naomi at rockstar diaries recaps her family's weekend trip to new york city with this little video. [check out her other posts for pictures of the cutest, most beautiful little baby on the web!]

in australia, we went to this amazing place called max brenner which is, like, all chocolate. there, for dinner, we devoured a chocolate pizza, a chocolate crepe, and three milkshakes: peanut butter, triple chocolate, and cookie 'n cream (if i remember correctly). a beautiful mess posted three recipes for "cake batter milkshakes" - sound so yummy, and look even better. can't wait to try these out... or at least to decorate my cups with sprinkles!

picture of our max brenner shakes!

spotted this blog from tv-personality sarah wilson where she talks a lot about nutrition. i was led to visit her blog regarding "quitting sugar" - which is not something i'm prepared to do yet - but her recipes and research are definitely very interesting to read and it's good information to be aware of!

my beautiful friend, amber, writes a blog called "grace to be" - she writes about life, love, parenting, and God. i always look forward to tuesday night's at youth when i get the chance to talk with her a bit. i like all her posts but the one i read most recently was about music and the seasons of life. she's a great woman and an honest, open blogger.

another one from a beautiful mess! saw this little diana+ lens from photojojo posted on a place to dwell and immediately went and bought one! should be arriving soon!

picture via a beautiful mess

and this post on a place to dwell made me, like, obsessed with the idea of journaling. i've been working on a lot of disciplines this year - so far so good! - so here is just another thing to add to my list of things to do and make habit. the blogger, kate, provides five ways to journal keep including gratitude lists, prayer lists, visual journaling, and brainstorming ideas.

now, for something more serious/controversial: chris brown. at the grammys. there were lots of posts about him, about him beating rihanna, about rihana, about domestic violence, etc. some of the posts i read included this, this, and now this. carlos whittaker, of ragamuffinsoul, writes a post about chris brown at the grammys from a different perspective. i'm not even going to go into depth about it. you should just read it here.

finally, one of my favourite bloggers, coleen york, is doing a series on her blog called "inconvenienced". this post about how Jesus was "inconvenienced" is so beautiful. i always appreciate coleen's insight and her ability and willingness to share. don't stop at this post, check out her whole blog!

...and there's so many more (oh jeez, how do i even pass classes?!) but i'll limit myself to those!

have YOU read any good articles or blogs today? PLEASE SHARE!

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  1. I love your blog! And I love that we have so many favorite blogs in common - and of course, that we're both believers! Those things make me happy <3


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