Wednesday, February 29, 2012

linky love wednesday.

oh blogsphere, how i love thee!

here are my favourite picks from this weeks reading!

why is the search for "the one" so hard? is there really a "one"? in this post from "love and respect now" author paul angone (of all groan up) provides the four "ones" to look for in the "right one".

natalie at scribbles n' things has a great depth of insight and i love reading her posts coz she writes about so many subjects that are on my heart and that are relevant to my life now. i read her "i want to marry a man..." post this week. it's exciting to read her post that outlines too all the things i pray for about my husband!

kylie from flybird guest posts on [one of my faves] she writes, she smiles to talk about how to document your travels. as someone always dreaming of traveling [major case of wanderlust here] reading her tips, checking out her [and her husband, spencer] blog, and looking through their pics makes me just want to hop on a plane to whoknowswhere [or maybe i'll just go pin travel photos on my pinterest].

photo from flybird's unhealthy for me to discover blogs like this because now all i want to do is travel. no school work. just travel dreams! ahhh!

"could we BE more obsessed with sarcasm?", a challenging article from relevant magazine, which definitely hit the nail on the head for me.

two beautiful guest posts on guy delcambre's blog: one from rachel mcgowan called "daddy's standards" about how her dad set the standards of her worth and beauty, and one from photographer meshali mitchell on the definition of beauty.

one more from rachel mcgowan: from her blog, a post called "to the one who proved you aren't all the same" - what an incredible love letter.

looooved this post from hannah gram, "for MY good". liberating, astonishing thoughts about what Jesus did for me!!

photo from hannah gram

this beautiful blog post from annie f. downs, as posted on pete wilson's blog: "dear pretty girl with a pretty friend" - ever girl should read this, and mom's share it will your daughters, and girls with your peers!

dreaming of vintage glasses from bonlook. [unfortunately they don't ship with prescription to canada, and it's probably too awkward and unwise to bring them to an optician to get "lens-ed" up, so dreaming i will continue to do!]

pennyweight's big on pinterest, but have you seen her cute blog?

have a great rest of your week friends!! xx

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  1. Aww! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm off to check out some of these lovely links now!


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