Monday, February 13, 2012

loving people on love day.

pictures of roses. restaurant reservations. heart-shaped boxes. men picking up two starbucks drinks at a time. jewelry. lingerie. teddy bears. etc. etc.

as valentine's day lurks around the corner, these become present everywhere. it seems almost unavoidable, all these things in pink, red, and white. many complain, particularly those that have "no one", about what a stupid day it is, "a retail conspiracy", "you shouldn't need a reminder to do something nice for the one you love". and while these statements are, in it's basic form true, there is something really lovely about valentine's day.

maybe it's the romantic in me - although i don't know if i would call myself romantic, i just really like nice, sentimental things (does that classify me as a romantic?) - but i always look forward to valentine's day. there is something so mysterious and cute about it. even if it is a day to "remind" people to do nice things for others, maybe some need that boost.

as a single person, i could play the victim - wah-wah-wah - but i look forward to seeing all the men coming into starbucks and picking up two drinks - one for him, one for his ladyfriend. i like chatting with people about their plans for the day, if they have any. being intentional and doing something nice with the one you love. i love the flowers in the grocery store. and red-colored chocolate and candy aisles (well anything colour-coordinated for me is great). i like the holding hands. and the elementary school handmade valentines day cards. i like eating copious amounts of chocolate kisses without needing a real excuse.

but this year i am challenged to just look at valentines as a day to say, "i'm thinking about you coz you're important in my life". it's not about who's taking me out for dinner, or who's going to buy me flowers (i'll accept my mother's as if they are my own), it's about celebrating all the people i love and do life with. and the One who brought all those people in my life.

she smiles, she writes wrote a great post that encouraged single people to make the day less about the absence of a "loved one" and more about the One who loves.

Single ladies: Go out on a date to your favorite place and plan to meet the Lord there. Afterwards, go to a Valentine's bash party with your friends and share stories about true love, the kind that doesn't give up during the tough times. If everyone seems to be doing something, I advice for you to get on board with activities for Valentine's at your church.

i have been debating with myself who to ask out for valentine's lunch - not romantically (don't get too excited) but missionally. who can i spend my time on to show them they are loved. i'm hesitant to spend the whole morning off (no school, no work) for fear of spending it loving myself. i feel as if i would be inclined to go out - shopping or people-watching - but that i would ultimately then be spending the money and time on myself and not others. and not God.

i want to encourage you, especially if you're single, to look at valentine's day missionally. if the Lord is Love and you love Him, then show that Love to others. take a minute tomorrow to tell people that they matter to you and that you value their role in your life. be thankful for the love that has been shown to you and show it to others. take some moments in the Word to reflect on how Jesus loves others, and how He loves you. be reminded not of what you don't have but about what has been done and what is to come. you are abundantly blessed and loved immensely.

I trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
I will sing the LORD’s praise,
for he has been good to me.

happy valentine's day! xx

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