Monday, February 20, 2012

week away.

last week, some of us in our small group decided to give up facebook and other distracting online sites in favour of "rest" and spending time with God, sans distractions. it's been a really good week - as it usually is when you're free from the bind that is facebook - but i did feel very stressed this time, different than other times, like i was missing important messages on facebook. i'm sure tomorrow when i go back on i'll find that i wasn't really needed and my subtle anxiety was for nothing ha.

this week then became a lot about "relationships" - whether that be the online, don't-really-know-but-could-tell-you-a-lot-about-their-lives type of relationships, real-life relationships and friendships or investigating different people's thoughts and takes on biblical relationships, dating, and marriage. i read a lot of blogs this week (like this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one!) and it's so cool to discover so many other women writing about their journey as they seek God and His plans for their lives. it's amazing how in a week i already feel encouraged by or excited for these other women as they find themselves in seasons of singleness, newly married, engaged, or as mature (or less mature) mothers. i will soon be "launching" a blog series on disciplines and one of the disciplines i am working on now is being really intentional with my blog: connecting with others, commenting on posts i read, finding my "niche" and audience, discovering new bloggers, and banking some posts.

it's not a secret that i love pretty much all things social media, but, like with so many other things in my life, i want to be really intentional and focused about how i do it.

this week, as i've been intentionally seeking Him more than i ever, i feel like He is more silent than ever. which is really frustrating, to be frank. i will not be discouraged but will wait on His timing, but (and i'm sure many can empathize) i'd really like a little gratification God - am i doing this "right"? are you pleased with the position of my heart; with my attitude? am i putting You first or just thinking that i am? what's up with you Lord..?

despite the silence now, i can see that He has positioned me at a time and season where i really must depend on Him in all areas of my life:
- in work as i am scheduled a whooping 8 hours for the next two weeks, not enough to really support myself on and save much needed money at the same time
- in school as the busyness creeps in and the midterm i have requires His strength and help in remembering the facts i'm not able to retain
- in areas of leadership as my patience is tested, or i'm depended on for some advice or perspective, as my roles increase, and as He uses these experiences to shape my passions and mold my heart for others
- in expectancy for the future as i applied to college for next year, very much in need of His blessings on my finances (as implied above) and guidance for all things to come together.

and i know they will. they will come together. so it's just that waiting and that praying, seeking, hoping, and trusting.

i'm excited about this season, like i'm "excited" about every season - [sidenote: my sunday school kids yesterday were making fun of me coz i say every bible story told in our curriculum is "amazing" haha. love them!] - and i'm looking forward to how He is going to shape me and use me; how He's going to use this blog, how He's going to use my life and my passions; how He's going to "bring in money" or direct my post-post-secondary path. i think i'm really learning patience, and as has been my lesson for the past year, He's teaching me to really have faith in HIS timing, not in my own.

finally, today is family day in canada (weird holiday part 2 for february) so wishing you all a pleasant day off, and blessings for and time spent with your family!

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  1. Will be praying for you and you wait for His guidance =) Thanks for the blog shout-out BTW!


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