Friday, February 17, 2012


i applied to hillsong college. for the january 2013 intake.

when i came home from australia in mid-january i was (sad) stoked out of my mind and determined to get back there. as time has passed my passion has calmed down a bit, i assume, simply because it is still a way's away and i have important things i need to focus on here, not always being distracted by what i want to do. i'm still riding a (although much subtler) high and i'm excited about what next year holds, seeing as i graduate university in december! [woop woop!]

i am completely convinced that God has massive plans for me, not just because of what i know or have read in Scripture, but because of what others affirm for me. hillsong college has been on my radar for years and, after visiting the church, meeting people who go there or went and loved it, and all the God-things of timing, seasons, connections, etc etc, i feel all the doors are open to go.

of course, complete assurance of that will be determined when (1) i get accepted and (2) i have some money and (3) i get on that plane.

i will enlighten you with more details when i develop a "formal" explanation of my hopes, dreams, and desires for 2013 and for life!

in the meantime, if you think of it, please pray for me. i am desperately seeking guidance on the next steps in my life and especially for finances, as it is not cheap feat traveling to the other side of the world to live and go to school. plus working a whooping 8 hours a week doesn't bring in much revenue!

hillsong 2013, here i come [unofficially for now]!!


  1. Hey Allie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Seeing so much purple when I first came on to yours made me smile since I'm a bit obsessed with anything and everything purple! Will be keeping you in my prayers and can't wait to read more! Grace and Peace!

  2. I like your blog :)

    this is an exciting time in your life! even applying to something new and big is always an act of faith and trust.
    God is good and he's got your back!!

  3. I have several friends who have gone through that program and LOVED it! So excited for you and good luck! :)


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