Monday, March 26, 2012

five things.

i had a great weekend - and by weekend, i mean thursday afternoon to sunday :)

we had abnormally warm days last week and many of us soaked that up. it was fantastic. but obviously the cold days were bound to come back and they have today with bone-chilling cold wind. but whatever, that's just how it is in barrie.

don't put away your winter jackets until june people. and even then, use your own discretion!

it was so fantastic to get the camera out again. i took it over to the lane's to take pictures of their incredible kids, and had a photoshoot on saturday after work. they turned out great and i will be sharing them in a few days!

in the meantime, here are five pictures to highlight what i did this "weekend".

mid-photoshoot coffee date and comical cup markings by new friends. "upside down" caramel macchiato written on an upside down cup. my "not so wild" wild hot chocolate. we made up clever names, like phoenix, and jaspyr. and tara's freshly applied lipstick gave interest to the cup as well.

this dog. always lying here. being her normal, sultry self.

little hands holding mine. the sweetest thing.


feeding this beautiful monkey cereal; he was dancing and cooing the whole time. i'm in love.

what did YOU do this weekend?!


  1. Starbucks is always a good idea!

  2. I pulled an all-nighter to get all my remaining requirements for this semester done!

  3. @Ana Patricia Oh that does not sound fun... but hopefully you got it all done! i'm pulling an all-nighter now :(


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