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it doesn't matter what people think of you.

it really doesn't.

but it does matter how you make people think of you.

it is very easy to allow the opinions of others towards you to dictate who you are. but if you are to define yourself by how others view you, you will never be fully satisfied; there will always be another voice to obey, and another one manipulating you into who they think you should be. you can never attain another's vision of you because it's just that: another's vision. not yours. so there is no way you can know the full breadth of what that vision is.

but the good news is you don't have to.

the fact of the matter is that those voices are fleeting, self-seeking, and apathetic. even if it is your "best friend" who you're trying to please, their trying to mold you into something you may not necessarily be is selfish, and foolish.

they are also seasonal.

consider every year of high school: they are often all drastically different, and if you compromise yourself every year of school you're going to be very confused... and completely unable to identify who you are!

while it does not "matter" what people think of you, it does matter how you make them think of you.

the thing is, you have control over how you appear to others.
in fact, that might be one of the few things in life that you do have control over.

independent control over.

how you choose to make yourself appear - how you dress yourself, do your makeup, hair, whatever - communicates something about yourself to others.

consider how you present yourself.
is it revealing? provocative? if you really thought about it, do you dress more for the attention of boys than anything else?
does it suggest that you're disrespectful of others, or of yourself?
are you "covered up"? "modesty is hottest" is your main motto!?

do you say to yourself as you walk out the door, "you look so hot", and the face of your crush pops into your head. do you think you "look better" than someone else, as if it's some sort of competition? even "cute" stuff, why are you wearing it? to draw the attention of others?

there will always be times when we want to please others through the way we look, i don't condemn you for that at all. but i hope to challenge you to consider your intentions when you get dressed every morning.

once a friend of mine was wearing his hat in our (baptist) church. i told him he should take it off but in his own defiant way he told me to prove to him how it was "unbiblical". i whipped out the corinthians verses, but he told me that was outdated (!!!) but the point was not that it was unbiblical, but that it communicated to the congregation that he didn't care, and mainly that he didn't respect the house of God. i'm sure his intentions were not to display this... but they did regardless.

i'm not going to mark out for you what you can and cannot wear. but examine how you present yourself - not just through your clothing, but also in your actions and words.

with this subject you need to examine more of yourself; establish and identify who you are and what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, without regarding the people you will encounter in the day.

i can tell you 100% - girl who's reading - that you are beautiful. that you were created with so much purpose and intention. you were not whipped together hastily. and then despite your imperfections, still put on the earth. no, you are perfect. you may not feel it, you may not think it, and some days, you may not look it. but you are.

God doesn't make mistakes.

i really hope you will seek to define and determine who you are. i really hope this identity will be rooted in the One who never changes, never fails, is always faithful. the One who wonderfully created you.

even in the times when you don't feel it and don't believe it, i hope you would know it. and i hope it would drive you to not rely on the opinions of others to determine who you are, but on who you already are as a creation of God.

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