Thursday, March 22, 2012

irish day at blue mountain!

"allie! i'm at blue mountain. are you nearby?"
"blue mountain? no i'm in barrie!".... "but i finish work at 6, will you still be there?!"
"yes comeeeeee!! its soo busy here!"

my cousin, theresa, randomly texted me and with that, i was heading to blue mountain saturday night for st. patrick's day!

what a fantastic surprise when you have no plans saturday night and no intention of trying to make some. but then boom! there's great people and a great place to be.

so after work, i headed to blue, an hour drive (as i found out) of riding into the sunset. i did an illegal driving-with-camera-in-face thing and my pictures don't even do the sky justice. it's so frustrating how that happens ha!

the weather was ridiculously warm for mid-march and people were still skiing and boarding on snow-patchy hills in shorts and tshirts!

my cousins theresa, stephanie, and my aunt catherine, and i enjoyed a wonderful, delicious, entertaining dinner at a greek restaurant called tholos.

so it was irish day with my maltese cousins at a greek restaurant! and baby, it just might have been the best st. pat's yet!

there was a wonderful, sparkly belly dancer, loud, blasting live music and a major bustle throughout the village! cheese on fire and fantastic salad! oh me, oh my!

i have to keep working on my "classic wilson pose" - the visible gap between the body and the arm, hand on hip, legs crossed over. i'll go practice in my mirror now!

thanks so much for texting me ladies! loved hanging out with you! let's do it again ;)


  1. Wow! Love these pictures! And it look like you had an awesome St. Patty's day =) (p.s. I think you should totally do a list of your own!)

  2. Allie those first few pictures are SO pretty. Love them


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