Thursday, March 8, 2012

linky love thursday.

i should be listening in class... [story of my life!]
actually this list is a culmination of a week's worth of blog/article surfing!


here's what's interesting this week [to me] on the blogosphere:

don't like this post too much coz i have one in draft that sounds very familiar! [i joke, i joke. you can like it!] deacon heather carlson writes "in praise of singleness" on the mars hill [mark driscoll's] church blog.

sarah baker shares her story on her blog: from heartache and brokenness to internships and redemption. i might be biased because so far - she's sharing it in pieces - it really hits home with me. you can read part one here, and part two here. i'm sure the other parts are coming soon... ;)

watch out pinterest lovers: a lawyer assess the copyright situation of pinterest only to make some startling realizations, leading her to deleting all her boards. educate yourselves. [i say that, but i don't know if i'm compelled to remove my boards... discern for yourself!]

karalee fielding, wife of singer ben fielding, blogs on hillsong collected about leadership in a post called "this old house". she writes, "sometimes I think we like to believe that God is a ‘new-house-kind-of-God’. that He requires us to be shiny and put together, without patches on our walls and temporary solutions wound around our broken pipes. but then I remember, He is actually a God of restoration." beautiful.

another from hillsong collected: an old one from lucille houston [wife of ben houston, son of brian and bobbie houston - get it?] about seasons. i felt really blessed by this one, as it challenged my perspective during a week of restlessness and conflict.

newspring church, where perry noble is the pastor, is doing a fantastic new series on being "overwhelmed". for me, it was exactly what i needed to hear and i doubt i'm alone in this. if you're feeling bogged down by past or present despair, overwhelmed by life, these are the messages for you!

and finally, do you know who joseph kony is?
take 30 minutes, and watch this excellent, heartbreaking, and empowering video.

check out the website to sign the pledge for kony 2012 here.

but then read this!
it's definitely good to be educated, but just "sharing" a link on facebook hardly matters. what is the background story here? this article is just one voice, and may have right points, and may have wrong points. but discern the situation readers. nothing changes, no one gets "captured" because you clicked something on social media. if you're all fired up about the injustices in africa, then do something!

which leads me to... the mocha club. something that has been on a my heart for years now, but it's time for action. i'm going to talk about it sometime soon but in the meantime, check out this article about the heart and mission of the organization.

i'm going to go lock myself in the library...
what are some great articles YOU'VE read recently?

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