Friday, March 23, 2012

now on facebook!

dear online friends & readers!

if you're interested in keeping up to date with this blog... or would enjoy some extra posts, live linky love picks, and other interesting things, i have branched out and created a facebook page!

be a gem, and "like" it, would ya!?

but in all seriousness, there are some of you lovely readers who i know come around time and time again. i just want to say thank you for making this such a fun part of my life. i really enjoy planning out what to write about and capturing seemingly-mundane things that are made extraordinary by sharing them with you!

thank you for taking the time to comment! thank you for taking the time to read!

and thank you for taking the time to support and encourage me! it's so appreciated!

so riding on that, would you please help me in "advancing" this blog through the social media world by "liking" it on facebook? i plan on sharing more links to cool blogs and articles than a post a day allows me on here; more music on my mind; more cool things lurking, waiting to be discovered on the internet!

"like" the sequins & faith. facebook page!

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