Wednesday, March 28, 2012

playdate with the lane's!

dear world,

... i'm not sure you're ready for this cuteness.

last week, after class, i picked up the pup and we went over for a playdate with the lane babies! well, i guess to be fair, really only one is a baby, but they'll always be babies to me! little cutie-patooties! minnie was not very playful, which was kind of disappointing, although also something i expected. the kids took well to her though, screaming "doggieeeee!" when she wandered away, and wanting really badly to feed her treats. minnie, in her fine form, was crazy for emmett (5 month old) - she loves to lick the faces off babies. something i did not allow her to do, btu she would have liked to. emmett liked her too though, reaching out and touching her face.

harrison and avery made a delicious salad (as you can see below); i fed emmett cereal. it's so strange (and amazing) to have these like, pre-motherhood moments. like, at christmas time we ran errands at the mall and i had emmett (then about two months old) strapped to my body and it was just incredible to carry a baby around like that. even though i saw a lot of people i knew and had to explain to them that it was someone else's baby! i'm so thankful for the opportunity to peer into the lives of beautiful families and see how life works. i'm nosy like that, but i also just love family!

after they had a bath, i went to put minnie (who was just terrified by the screaming - what a weird jack!) and the kids were standing at the door where i told them to wait. when i came back from the car, they were outside with their rain boots on, ready to play again. little did i know, they weren't allowed back out (ha!) but those little nuggets put their boots on and tried again anyways. how can you be upset though when they look like this?

the way emmett lights up for harrison is... spectacular. i hope he never loses that sentiment!
thank you lane's for letting me be apart of their lives. i just looove you guys!

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