Saturday, March 24, 2012

roadtrip 2012!

the hotel is now booked and we are [pretty much] ready to go!
the last week of april, three girlfriends and i are heading to myrtle beach, south carolina!

oh ya baby. a short 16 hour drive!

i think we're all craving a little adventure, especially after several months of school for a few of us and full-time working for others.

there is something so fantastical and romantic about roadtrips.

long times spent in cars together, laughing, stationary dancing, belting our lungs out. drinking starbucks, and stopping for pee breaks at mcdonald's.

we want to be really smart about this trip and cook our own meals and just chill on the beach all day (in spf 60 reapplied every hour! yes!) - we'll see how well that goes, although we do have each other to remain accountable to, and what a great sense of independence it will be to have a little apartment over the beach, cooking food and eating on sun-soaked balconies.

yes, i really can't wait.

wanderlust often preoccupies my mind, and it's nice to be able to satisfy that longing in me sometimes.

i'm so blessed to be able to do this with wonderful, God-loving girls, who value "little things" like modesty, respect, and who consider others. this is not only beneficial for each other as we spend 168 hrs (plus!) together, but for those we'll meet to. it's nice never having to fear that one might go off the deep end and wind up drunk in a hallway somewhere...

i'm just really thankful for these girls. and really excited to spend this time and makes these memories with them! wooo-hooo!!


  1. Enjoy your trip! Soak up a lot of sun and hunt for some seashells =) Gotta love those Carolina beaches!

  2. this is going to be amazing! it's so good to get away and take a break. i love that you guys are going to be cooking your own meals!

  3. who is all going with you? hope you guys have truckloads of fun and sun!


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