Monday, March 19, 2012

sierra, sierra, let me see you 1, 2 step!

that title is irrelevant, but i can't help myself from singing it when i think of her!

yesterday i mentioned my dear friend, sierra, serving God and loving on kids in nigeria.

a few months ago sierra shared that she was being an offered an incredible opportunity to travel to nigeria to to serve as a caretaker for children at an orphanage called children of promise, or "chiproms". she began getting the word out, saving her money, and fundraising for the experience. she only needed something like $3000 but the people responded and in one fundraising night she was able to make double that! the orphanage wants to do an extension in order to take in more kids so that is where the extra money is going - isn't that wonderful!??

prayer cards and magnet. oh ya!
sierra's mom, cyndi, one of my favourite people in the world, plays music for the event
sierra, sharing her heart.
picture of the kids from the orphanage in the slideshow.
the man who has poured his life and resources into chiproms.
kristy and i!
alyssa, on left, and sierra
kristy made these beautiful cards to sell!

so that was an excellent night! then, coz he is obviously brilliant, her dad called the local newspapers telling them about what she was up to and they both  interviewed her for the papers. she is such a well-spoken individual but i love that they quoted her saying...

"loose woman"! haha... wouldn't want that...
she was also in the barrie advance. what a gal!

i was wondering aloud when she told me she had a photoshoot and interview, why a newspaper would care about her going to nigeria for Jesus. she shared a really good point her dad made, that not many 19 year olds pack up their comfortable lives for a few months to spend money to work for free somewhere else. it really is quite the statement. a lot of my friends from high school are all pursuing higher education in order to reach higher pay grades - and i'm not much different! but i have seen many of my friends go off on mission trips and it's pretty exceptional. i guess most people aren't immersed in communities that really encourage pouring into others instead of yourself and your own gain.

 it was really cool and great to hear and see what sierra went through - all the amazing support and pretty obvious "God-things" that took place to allow her to go!
then last week thursday, sierra got on a plane, and headed to amsterdam, then onto nigeria!  

and now she's there! i'm impressed with her blogging skills, coz she's already posted an update and pictures. like this one:

looks like she is settled in and i know i am excited to follow her journey from afar for the next three months! you can too!

show her support and comment on her blog! if you think about it, cover her and the orphanage in prayer!

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  1. wow, who is this girl? she sounds amazing!! hahaha, i love you allie, thanks for doing this!


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