Sunday, March 18, 2012

sierra sundays!

my lovely friend sierra left this week for almost 3 months in nigeria. i will elaborate on what she's doing there tomorrow (I'm being lazy now and typing this out in my phone!) but I jokingly promised her I would update her through my blog coz she is admittedly a fan - bless her soul!

so sierra dear, this post is for you!

not much to update you on - as I foresaw prior to your departure. I had a really good weekend though: worked a bit, then received a text from my cousins inviting me to hang out with them at blue mountain last night. so after work I hit the road, driving into an incredible sunset, taking pictures the whole way. illegal but, whatevs. we went to a fantastic greek resto (yes, greek, on irish day haha). they had live music and a scantily clad but very entertaining belly-dancer who worked her way around the whole place. it was a blast!

weather here is amazing, although I do suspect that it's temporary - it'll probably snow again at easter. you know how it is!

got to hang out with kristy for a bit tonight and she didn't fall asleep on me!! although I did drop her home at 9pm haha ;) I have some cute stories from sunday school but I plan on making a post out of them, so stay tuned!

that's all for now I'd say. I'll try to come up with sonething more clever, or prepared for you next week!

I hope you're already having the time of your life, and that you smell fresh like blueberry biodegradable facial wipes! talk to you soon lady friend!!

[check out sierra's blog here and come back soon to hear more about what my sweet friend's doing in nigeria!]

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  1. You actually did it!!! I love this soooooooooooo much! And yes, I do smell like blueberry biodegradable wipes :)


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