Saturday, March 24, 2012

sunday school stories.

she sat to my right and i saw her hospital bracelet. if it was anyone else, i'd probably wait for them to bring it up. but she's 7. and 7 year olds don't usually care much for private things; they are more inclined to tell you more than they should!

so i asked her, "amelia, why do you have a hospital bracelet?"
"oh, i had an mri."

she didn't expand on it, so i dropped it, not wanting to probe.

later on, however, as i asked the kids for their prayer requests, i turned back to her and asked if she wanted prayer for whatever she had the mri for.

"it's for my eye" - this sweet, beautiful girl looked up at me and i could see something was wrong with her eye - "it's not really an mri, it's an mli.. my left eye!"


  1. kids say THE cutest things ever. love

  2. Aww! Now that's the cutest thing I've heard or read today =)


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